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Welcome to online storefront "Soviet military uniform — navy, officer, general, navy. Russian army uniforms of WWII"

We leave the store until the first of September. Orders are accepted for processing from 1 September
In our internet-shop «Soviet-military-form» You can find a big assortment of military uniform accessories and souvenirs of Soviet Army and Soviet Navy also itmes from army of Russia and Ukraine.

Insignia (insigne: emblem, symbol) is a symbol or token of personal power, status or office, or of an official body of government or jurisdiction. Insignia are especially used as an emblem of a specific or general authority. Typical examples of insignia are: Crowns, Coats of arms and Heraldry, Seals, Ensigns, Roundels, Badges, Cockades

Insignia and cap badges (17)
Shoulder straps (39)
Сhevron (10)
Other items (16)

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Soviet military online shop - is the best place to buy online soviet military caps (peakless-cap, non peaked hat etc.), soviet ushankas, soviet army fur hat, soviet union service caps, soviet army helmets, uniforms and much more. Prices in our soviet military shop are very low. You can buy your favorite soviet military surplus at our online soviet military online shop. We accept PayPal, Western Union, Anelik, MoneyGramm and much more.

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© Soviet military uniform — navy, officer, general, navy. Russian army uniforms of WWII.